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Waiting isn’t necessary, you can purchase right away if you choose.

Absolutely. Anyone can purchase their memorial presently. The process is the same, except the date of passing or “final date” is left off. That engraving work is done at the cemetery when the time comes.

Many folks appreciate being able to make these decisions for themselves and relieving their family members of the burden. Ordering your own memorial ahead of time can offer you peace of mind, knowing that it is taken care of without issue.

It is very common to feel this way. Many families have never been through this process and need a little help. That’s what we are here for. Our experienced monument consultants can answer any questions you may have and offer guidance with designing and purchasing a memorial.

The first decisions you will need to make are which color and shape of stone you’d prefer. Size is also a consideration, but your monument specialist can provide suggestions based on the cemetery, the number of names going on the memorial, and your budget. Next, you’ll work out the design layout of the stone - names, dates, inscriptions, and artwork.

Many still have trouble deciding on what kind of memorial would best suit themselves or their loved one. In this circumstance, we recommend spending some time in a cemetery. Take notice of the stones that you like and what specifically you like about them. Feel free to take photos and show them to your monument specialist. St. Joe Monument Works also has a large outdoor and indoor display to pull inspiration from.

Our job is not only to produce monuments but to guide you, our customer, through creating a beautiful lasting tribute. The monument you choose will be there forever, so it's important to take your time and feel comfortable with your choices.

Most of our memorials are made with quality natural granite. Granite comes in many beautiful colors from all over the world. Some granite colors can only be sourced from other countries, simply because they do not exist in the ground in the United States. As you are considering your preferred granite colors, you may ask your monument specialist where they are quarried.

Our average installation time is 90 - 120 days from the time you sign off on a final monument design until the stone is installed in the cemetery. This applies to monuments that are in-stock in the US. If you select a stone that is not in-stock, it can take over 120 days for the granite to arrive in the US. Many factors can affect the time frame, such as weather, shipping delays, holidays, etc.

Overall, we do our very best to meet our customer’s expectations and install a quality monument in a reasonable amount of time. While some things in the monument industry have changed over the years, most methods are still the same as they were several decades ago. Creating memorials from natural stone is truly an art form and can be a very time-consuming process.

As you can expect, monuments can become dirty and soiled, just like anything else constantly in the elements. While beautiful, trees and bushes can make this problem worse.

St. Joe Monument Works offers monument cleaning and repair services, especially for extremely soiled or older memorials. If your stone is just in need of a simple clean up, we suggest filtered water and a soft bristle brush. If you must use some type of detergent, try mild dish soap, and make sure to rinse the stone very well. It is best never to use pressure washers or harsh chemicals of any kind.